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Mahesh Singh

Phone: 9871281533


I prefer email communication but in case you decided to call me, preferable time - 10 AM to 1 PM. In case not able to take your call, please drop SMS with details for callback .

  1. 12+ years of experience which include technologies like ASP.NET, MVC, C#, Redis, RabbitMQ etc. Enjoying working on performance, scalability and other challenging problems.

  2. Worked in Agile teams and manage deliveries. I love to participate in iteration & release planning, backlog grooming, sprint & release retrospective

  3. Co-founded a company named Bluelemon technologies Pvt. Ltd (webitude) latter which were acquired by HT media.

Recent Projects

Livehealthier (health and fitness)

Provide tools, skills, motivation and reward to each individual that needs to reach real health goals.

  1. Working since 2013

  2. Users : More than two millions

  3. Design pub/sub solution which can horizontally scale and can process more that a million messages in an hour time.

  4. Manage team which grow from 4 members to 30 members over three years.

  5. Design and developed email solution which send out more than 40k dynamic emails in 3-4 hours and scale well with future requirement and demand.

  6. Design and implement distributed caching by using Redis in existing applications with minimum code change and impact.

  7. Write NUnit and NSpec test cases for most of the code base.

  8. Helping product to finalize stories, iteration and release planning.

  9. Worked on user segmentations and product recommendation solution.

  10. Technology stack : C#, ASP.NET, MVC, Web API, RabbitMQ, Redis, Java


  1. Version control: Mostly Git, previously used SVN, Mercurial

  2. TDD: NUnit, MSUnit, NSpec

  3. .NET, ASP.NET Web forms, ASP.NET MVC, Web API, ASP.NET core etc.

  4. DataBase: SQL Server. Postgresql and MongoDB are used in side projects.

  5. Redis, RabbitMQ - Used in production

  6. C#, Python (only in side projects)

  7. JavaScript: Angularjs (introductory knowledge but manage project)

  8. Linux: Used in side project

  9. Agile development: Used variations of scrum, iteration & release planning, backlog grooming, sprint & release retrospective etc.

  10. Samrt TV: Worked around 4 year back mostly on Samsung and LGTV.

  11. Build server : Jenkins (know basics, manage and build couple of jobs)

Employment history


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