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2015 year review

This year, I have decided to write review for year 2015. Idea is to list all the accomplishments of 2015 and things need focus in future.


I am not a good reader especially English literature. I always feel that I should read more. So this year I have made some progress. I listened couple of audio books and finished couple of books.

I have also brought a Kindle this year and it’s really helping me to pace up with my reading.

This year I want to maintain a list of books which I want to read in 2016.


In year 2015 I have decided to try meditation, but not able to do it on regular basis. I can feel all the benefits whenever I have continued for couple of days. It’s not miracle, but has some really good benefits. I have spent too much time on selecting the methodologies.

Focus of this year will be doing to on regular basis. I’ll start with 15 min a single sitting and then extend it for two settings, one in morning and another in evening.


I am a long term procrastinator. For me starting a task is always a struggle. Once I get started I can work hour long without any problem. That's why I started most of my tasks when deadline is hitting at my head.

So far I am not able to identify a good solution to deal with my daily procrastination. I think meditation might help me to deal with my negative emotions during the procrastination.


I think there is not much progress. I am almost working on same set of technologies and with same client and company.

This year my focus will be have couple of more skills under the belt - Data Science - It’s a big topic, but my focus will be to complete couple of books and some introductory courses on courser.

  • Understanding Docker


Normally I don't travel much. This year I spend 5 days with my family at Udaipur and Mount Abu. It was great family trip and we all enjoyed a lot.

This year again I’ll plan something at the end of year.

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